Saturday, June 1, 2013

Foodirector Hangout @ Big Hug Burger, Subang Square Corporate Tower

Today marks the start of my semester break. Yes, I'm supposed to be happy but unfortunately, it is a study break so basically, I've got to spend my next two weeks mugging books all day and night. Nerdy much? 

But, then again, today we had the Foodirector Blogger Hangout at Big Hug Burger. It was at 9 pm and i was already half dead by that time. Anyway, when it comes to burger, I could never resist no matter how tired i was. We reached a little late and they served the starters by the time we arrived.

Here it is, the yummy Onion Rings!

Onion Rings
Well, to be honest, it tasted like normal onion rings. Nothing fascinating about it, but then, how much tastier can onion rings get?

The open concept kitchen where you get to see how your food is getting prepared. This reminds me of Gordon Ramsay, haha.

Cheesy Wedges
This wedges are irresistible, seriously. The moment I popped the first one in my mouth, I unconsciously take another because it was so good. The cheese sauce was very rich and the wedges were cooked to perfection. Crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside. And, it was still warm. Heavenly.

Grilled Beef
I decided to take a close up shot of it, just to let you see how yummy it really looks. I particularly loved thus burger because the patty had a unique taste to it and the buns were soft and fluffy. I could literally taste the freshness of the beef every time i bit into this juicy burger.

Mario's Beef
Another close up shot. Somehow, I find burgers look better this way. Haha. Anyway, this beef burger is not to my liking as i thought that there were way too much caramelized onion. But, those who love them should try this out!

Grilled Lamb
This burger was served with two different types of bun as you can see in the picture. Basically, they taste the same and as you guys know, I am a die hard fan of lamb. So, this one was definitely my favourite of the day. The lamb was marinated well and it was flavorful. I'll say it was juicy and didn't have that distinctive strong smell to it.

Cheesy Chicken
Doesn't this just reminds you of KFC burgers? Well, i thought that the moment i saw it. But, this burger definitely tastes better because there were so much mozzarella cheese on this.
Don't believe? I'll prove to you in the picture below.

Surprise! Before frying the chicken for Cheesy Chicken. Yay or nay? Yay obviously :)

So, anyway, those were my favourites of the night out of all the burger they served. I recommend that you guys try those that I posted. You won't regret it, trust me! I love the atmosphere at the restaurant, it had a cosy and homely feel to it. By the way, the ingredients in these burgers are extremely fresh and leftovers for the day are usually donated to the orphanage. Not only that, the buns, sauces and patties are home made and not largely processed in factories. Now, isn't that cool? 

I think i'll be heading there again, pretty soon :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Foodirector Hangout @ Go Burger Kitchen (GBK) , Setiawalk Puchong

So, as you might have guessed, I have been particularly interested in trying out new food lately. Let me be honest, I have loved tasting new and good food (of course) since I was young. I guess it's till I discovered Foodirector that I was able to put my tastebuds to good use :)

Anyway, it was Wesak Day on Friday and that means public holiday for me. As usual, my exams are coming up once again but I decided to join the hangout since it's at night. I figured I could just study in the morning.

It was burgers and i could never resist them. We headed to Go Burger Kitchen (GBK) at Setiawalk, Puchong about 6.30 PM to avoid the rush hour. Thank God that there weren't any jam on the way there. Just when I thought everything fell into place, here comes the worst part. Finding the restaurant was like finding a pin in a haystack. Yeah, it was that hard, I swear I am not exaggerating it. We walked for almost an hour before deciding to just call someone. Silly, yes I know. Take note, it's actually upstairs and not the same level as most of the shops or as I would say it, the happening area.

Cut the story short, we did reach in time and I guess that's all that matters. Haha. Ta-daaaa!

Down to the real business, the food. I liked the atmosphere at the restaurant, it feels cosy and homely actually. Oh by the way, if you guys don't know yet, GBK is the one with the all famous Goliath Burger Challenge consisting of 4x4oz beef or pork patties, 2 hash browns, 3 eggs, cheese, bacon, onions, tomatoes, lettuce plus 200 g of fries. If you could eat all that in 15 minutes, the burger is free! 

But, anyway, as interesting as it sounds, I wasn't ready to conquer the monstrosity for the night. We settled for the regular burgers and let me be straight out, I remember trying only three types from the menu. So, I will be only writing about those. I definitely can't judge what I didn't tasted, sorry guys.

Hungry Hog. 
Cute name and I thought this was the best out of the lot. The patties were a little dry but I thought that the flame-grilled cheese was absolutely tasty. There was tomato paste on the buns and I thought it complimented the whole burger, giving it the extra zest. Give this one a try!

Swiss Piggy.
The caramelized onion was a good idea in this one because I am usually not a big fan of onions in burgers. The smell and taste is too pungent for me. This was a smaller-sized burger compared to the previous one. This had mushrooms in it and personally, I found it flavorful. Just my type of burger.

El Charizo.
This one wasn't on the permanent menu. It was something we tried outside the ordinary menu. Surprisingly, I found this yummy, but I reckon that the Pringles should be taken out. It was soggy and the taste didn't really blend well with the patties. Put that aside, it was alright because I love sausages and this one had tons of it.

Overall, I think that burger lovers should give it a try. It's quite worth it, in my opinion. Right, that's the end of my burger gastronomical adventure on a Friday night. Till next time!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Foodirector Weekend Hangout at Char Grill Express @ The Publika

So, as most of you guys know, I am the ultimate fan of grilled food and as unhealthy as it is, it sure is yummy. That's why the moment I heard that the next Foodirector hangout was going to be at Char Grill Express, I was so eager to sign up.

As usual, it is a beautiful Saturday and we headed out about 1 PM to avoid the jam. The shop wasn't that difficult to find, but the guards at Publika are so blur sometimes. Lesson learnt : ALWAYS go to the concierge when you need help with the directory and not the guards.

Anyway, back to topic. I found the setting of the restaurant quite welcoming and we turned out to be the earliest to arrive. I sat down and browse through the menu which was on the table and went to the counter to have a look at the food.

So, let me skip to the food. I know you guys are dying to see how good the food looks, no kidding.
As usual, I'm only going to post pictures of food which I would highly recommend you to try.

First up,

Seasoned Chicken which was stuffed with rice and seasoned with herbs as well as spices. This was really good and although I found the chicken a little dry, it was definitely unique and worth trying.

Cream Potatoes was my favourite. It was extremely rich and when you bite into the potatoes, it is so flavorful that it keeps you wanting more of it. A definite thumbs up for this!

I felt that there was similarity between the sauces used to make this Creamy Pasta with the Cream Potatoes. However, if i were to be honest, this wasn't the best pasta I've tasted.

Roast Beef was marinated well and if only it was juicier, it would taste really yummy. I enjoyed it, nevertheless. 

This Tropical Chicken Wrap was out of the norm and i think this was well-made. The pitta bread is just right and the combination of chicken with coleslaw is so good especially for those who wish to have a light snack.

Portuguese Rice was so similar to our local Briyani and goes well with Seasoned Chicken. This rice is aromatic and less rich in spices compared to Briyani.

The all famous Portuguese Style Chicken which is extremely spicy for me. Mind you, spicy food are a no-no for me. For those who are adventurous, I highly recommend this because it is grilled so well that I almost mistaken it for the Indian Tandoori Chicken.

By the time all the food were served, I was so full that I just couldn't take anymore. Looks like I don't need dinner tonight. It was a good lunch and i'm all excited for the next hangout. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Food Director Hangout at Sakura Kristal: Gastronomical Adventure, Maybe?

So, I spent my beautiful Saturday at a Food Director Hangout, mind you, it's the first Saturday that I am free from exams. Well, it wasn't wasted because it was more of an adventure and i'm glad I went anyway. It was barely noon when we headed out and drove to Sakura Kristal Restaurant. The restaurant is located inside the new Giant Hypermarket in Subang Jaya. There were ample of parking space at the mall which was a good thing, obviously :)

I was starving when we arrived and Eric, from Sakura Kristal noted that almost instantly. Thank God for that. He passed us a list of food which would be served, commenting that those dishes were their signature and couldn't be found anywhere else.

Voila, the dishes arrived ^^ Check out the pictures below!

The yummy and rich Peranakan Seafood Curry! The moment i tasted this, i literally fell in love with it. The aroma was so good and eating this with plain rice was heavenly.

This Black Pepper Beef Fried Rice was one of my favourites. The rice was soft and fluffy, it was cooked to perfection. Hands down, the best fried rice i've ever tasted!

Pan-seared Dory Fish wasn't the best of all the dishes served today. I'd prefer this if it has more taste to it. To be honest, I thought that it was a bit bland.

This was so good that I finished everything from the serving plate itself  in the end. Yes, I was a hooligan but it was so good, I swear you can't resist it too. The rice was fragrant, no wonder its called the Indon Treasure.

The Tofu Jongkong Emas. I found the name quite funny, actually. But, nevertheless, this dish was savoury. There's egg, flour and tofu inside, so it can be quite fluffy as you bite into it.

Bread and Butter Pudding has always been my favourite dessert. This was a bit sweet for me but you should give it a try, I would recommend this to those who have an eye for sweet things.

That concludes my gastronomical adventure today. All in all, I'd recommend you guys to try out Sakura Kristal because their prices are affordable, plus the food is yummy as well. Can't wait for the next Food Director Hangout!

Friday, June 15, 2012

London Summer The Musical 2012 - Post event

London, The Summer Musical is definitely one of the best musicals I've watched! It exceeded my expectations in terms of the cast, props etc. Initially, I thought the musical was a Broadway musical showcasing the beauty of London. Well, in fact, it was actually about three stewardesses and for those who loves romance, this is a must watch for you guys :)

Anyway, we reached there earlier than the stated time for bloggers. Dinner was served and it was really good. There were so many choices and being the glutton I am, i was having a field day. Hahaha, jokingggg :D

My sister and I (Yes, I know I look so sleepy LOL)

Our seats weren't that far away from stage, but honestly I wished we got seats that were nearer. But, being there is good enough. The musical started off with a dramatic entrance from the amazing cast. I have got to say that the cast had great vocal skills and I was truly mesmerised by them. Singing as good as them would be difficult for an aspiring wannabe like me, but I truly hope I can be a little like them one day HAHA! The story line was pretty typical I would say but corny is the in thing now isn't it? :D The dancers did a good job, executing every move perfectly. 

Sometimes, I really wonder how they could remember the steps, it must be hard work I guess :)

I'm sorry guys, this time photo-taking is prohibited when the show was on, so i couldn't take any. 

That's all, can't wait for the next musical already!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Touch Korea Tour with Miss A and 2PM :)

It’s been 2 years and going.

Take a stroll down memory lane. Trace every single step you’ve taken without regret and every footprint you made along the way being in a fandom. Feeling nostalgic already? Wait, not so fast. Remember those times you laugh, cry and feel hurt because of the slightest thing they did? You feel them, and you vow to forever etch them close to your heart for as long as you live. You would go to great lengths just to get a teeny weeny glimpse of them simply because you HAVE to see them and you watch their Music Videos a gazillion times just to increase the views!

Okay, so clearly, you might have known it by now, I’m talking about completely being swept into the Hallyu wave, Kpop to be precise. That’s me, my experience traversing along this path has been the best thing ever in my life. Kpop is my life and is the candle that lights up my life, literally. I can’t live without K-dramas now, the Kpop fever has clearly seeped into my bones, the deepest part of me. I know this sounds cliché but Kpop has inspired me, changed me and made me who I am today. Let’s not fight against this wave, but embrace it together, going forth!

The strong sour-ish and garlicky scent with its distinctive orange colour is enough to make anyone’s stomach growl. Yes, are you already thinking of it? KIMCHI! I love this to bits, I’m making it almost every weekend because I can’t live without it. The first time I tasted this, I couldn’t keep my hands off it. DIY kimchi are always tastier than those bought outside, it has an authentic home-made feel to it. See, I don’t have to be in Korea just yet to live a Korean life HAHA. I’m speaking like an 아줌마 oh noesssss

Korean food has always inspired me because it is so yummy, tantalising your taste buds every time. So, being the creative experimenter since the day I was born, the little chef in me decided to explore beyond the boundaries of Korean cooking.

Now wait for this,

*drum rolls*


My babies! :D

Yup, you can guess it, Dak-Kang-Jung (닭강정) but I made it with Chinese fermented bean paste instead of gochujang. Chinese-Korean, nice! Tastes so good and even better because I did this out of love. Dramatic much? Yeah, it’s my Yesung’s favourite food LOL.

Kimchi Fried Rice (김치볶음밥), the thought of it makes me salivate. The sourness of kimchi actually went so well with the bland rice. I even marinated the meat with kimchi gugmul (김치국물) to make the dish as authentically Korean as ever! Oh, but wait, Kimchi Pasta was the most amazing one. It’s spicy and has a rich garlic taste to it, which automatically gives it a distinct Korean flair. I replaced tomato sauce with kimchi gugmul (김치국물) and a dish with the best of both worlds was created by the genius a.k.a ME! Hmmph, maybe I should consider opening a restaurant with my fusion recipes in the future, brilliant idea wheeeeee

Maybe it’s the hours of time I spend on K-drama rama every day that has made me into a half Korean unconsciously. The rich culture Koreans practiced since the Joseon dynasty, okay, pardon me, I am still in a complete daze because of Moon Embracing The Sun (okay, I will not lie, it’s Kim Soo Hyun’s smile that put me in a dream-like state).

But, what amazes me is that the hanbok they wore in this show is so elegant and sweet, I wish I can wear it too, just once please, pretty pretttttyyyy pleaseeee

Tell me, how can anyone resist this pretty clothes? *squeals*

The fashion sense of Koreans in the past and the present remains the best. As you may already know, Koreans top the list for being the most fashionable people of the world. Not surprising because even those in their golden years are conscious about beauty HAHA.

Being the Korean freak I am, I revamped my wardrobe countless times to be in sync with their fashion trends, here’s a few “Korean-ised” look I love:


I definitely have to be part of the Touch Korea Tour with Miss A and 2PM! WHY? Simple, I am super curious as to what happens behind the scene, just to get a moment to know the idols personally and not what others are trying to show us.

You know, we fans, are always in the front watching the performance. BUT, this other side of me can’t help wondering how preparations go backstage to put on such amazing shows for us! This is my ONE and ONLY chance to find out J To be honest, I would give credits to Dream High, because I love both Suzy and Taecyeon from the drama LOL perfection teehee!

So, me being the ultimate Kpop freak have to be part of this tour, I have to go no matter what it takes and how much I have to do to get there. Imagine me in a suitcase, hiding somewhere I the plane just to go to Korea, I’m extreme, yes I am HAHA.

Okay, jokes aside, now support ME and give me this once in a lifetime chance people <3

Seoul, infinitely yours.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Penang Properties For Sale

As a Malaysian, most of us probably know how much Penang is an essential part of our country, in terms of economy, food (YAY!) and as a popular destination among tourists. SO, it is the Pearl of the Orient or something like that which makes it so irresistible. You know, if I could escape just for a short time, I would fly off to Penang straight away. Staying there would be blissful and stress free, even. But, first, I’ll need to look up for suitable places to stay. So, if you’re looking for Penang properties, you absolutely have to browse through PropWall. What is PropWall, you ask? Well, to be honest, I discovered it quite recently and have been looking through, well, maybe in the future, I might be rich enough to purchase properties!

So, anyway, it is a property website which shows you the list of best properties for you to choose from. Now, isn’t this simple? You want to buy a property but don’t really want to go through the hassle of searching for one in the newspaper. With a few clicks, you can surf the internet and head over to the website! Since we have portable Galaxy Tabs and iPad nowadays, we can do it anytime, anywhere. Well, technology is amazing, right?

So, what do I like about this website? PropWall has many properties listed in the same area. With that many choices, sometimes you may be spoiled for choices to choose the best deal at the end. But, in a way, this is good as we, humans love to have a range of items to choose from. The easy to find feature on the website is simply organised and fuss-free and as many of you guys may know, I’m the perfectionist who likes neat things. Trust me, just take a few minutes of your time and go through PropWall, you won’t regret it I promise!

Till then,